Model: Bolster – 100% Natural Latex Pillow

Latex Pillow

Model: Bolster – 100% Natural Latex Pillow


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Your bed will not be complete without this pillow. It is highly recommended for people suffering from varicose veins disease. Pillow must be placed under your knees or ankles.  It is also recommended for people who often have lower back pain, for pregnant women. 

Latex Bolster pillow

This pillow provides a comfortable sleep in a lateral position. It helps to remove the spine muscle clamps (recommended for people who often have lower back pain). As a rule, people embrace this pillow during sleep, as it is soft and comfortable.


Bolster pillows as bedroom and living room furnishing are also favorite of many interior designers for the simple fact that this versatile bolster can add a pop of bold colors and patterns. Bolster pillows are good support for the neck, lower back and feet. For side sleepers this hugging pillow can be used as a knee spacer, which effectively reduces pressure on the back.

Bolster Pillow

Made of 100% Natural & Genuine latex. No added chemicals or fillers.

Width x Length x Height (19 cm x 100 cm x 19 cm)

3 kg

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Vacuum suction wrapping is used to avoid any damage during shipment and delivery.
To make the pillow ready to use, simply cut and remove the plastic bag. Pillow will restore its shape immediately. Enjoy your sleep now.

How to Clean:
Bear in mind that latex pillows should not be washed using washing machines and dryers. It is important to note never to soak these pillows in water nor expose it to direct sunlight. This type of pillows should only be hand washed and never wring, stretch, twist or scrunch them. Here are steps to follow:

– Remove pillow case (may be hand-washed or machine-washed)
– Soak a clean towel with water or a mild detergent mixture
– Clean the pillow with the cloth, paying more attention on stains
– After cleaning, place fresh towels on both sides of the pillow and press excess moisture
– Air dry flat and away from direct sunlight
– Cover your latex pillow with clean pillow case.
– Now your pillows are fresh and ready to use!

– Do not expose the Latex pillow to direct sunlight. Latex will deteriorate when heated.
– Do not tumble dry.
– Do not dry clean.


น้ำหนัก 3 kg
ขนาด 100 × 19 × 19 cm